5 Worst Moving Mistakes You Should Try to Avoid

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5 Worst Moving Mistakes You Should Try to Avoid

Oct 09, 2018

The more you familiarise yourself about the various aspects of affecting a successful relocation, the better your move will accomplish. Avoiding some typical errors will make a world of difference in the outcome.

To ensure an error-free transfer, refer to the following list of moving mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Procrastinating on beginning the tasks

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed and excited about the moving day. Underestimating the significance of an organised move will, however, transpire a blunder.

It is vital to address the quintessential chores first, like- reserving the cheap removalists in Canberra and devising a viable moving checklist. There is no substitute for planning ahead of time. Hence, try to streamline the process by:

  • Getting started early
  • Keeping a to-do list handy
  • Maintaining an essentials folder and putting documents such as receipts, brochures, business cards etc. in one place
  • Tossing out the stuff you don’t want to carry
  • Acquiring quotes from the Canberra removalists

2. Hiring removalists without researching

The first and foremost task that necessitates your attention is finding reliable removalists in Canberra. Deferring the research will only accumulate insecurity and additional hassles as the day approaches. Check for the relevant certificates and licenses, browse through the websites that offer reviews about their prior work. Or else, go through their testimonials before you ask for a quote.

No one wishes to get stuck with novices, end up paying more than intended, and face damage or loss of property. So, to narrow down your options, ask them questions like – Are they duly insured? Are their prices affected by weather changes? Do they need a prior deposit? The client-caring removalists in Canberra operate with active customer service that gladly apprises you of all the requested information.

3. Packing unnecessary and prohibited items

Do the knick-knacks and the hoarded trove of clothing, kitchen tools, books and magazines lying in the basement, garage and attic of your house make you nostalgic? Well, however dear the inessential items cluttered in the deep corners of your home may appear, it is a mistake trying to retain them all.

A minimalist’s key to staying organised is – purging. Weighing your moving boxes down will only hike your moving bill up. So, donate to charities in Canberra, sell or dispose of the things you no longer need. Not consuming the perishable pantry ahead of time is also a drastic error. On the day of departure, such elements may lead you into a fix where you have to carry them along for not knowing what to do with them.

Additionally, stay wary of packing hazardous household articles which are inflammatory, corrosive or explosive, as doing so may land you and the movers into trouble.

4. Not staying organised during a move

A successful removal is an amalgamation of putting the right strategies in place combined with timely efforts. Working without prior planning inevitably leads to chaos, haphazard packing and compromising on the safety of your belongings and those moving them for you.

Adhering to fixed timelines will assist you to contemplate each task in hand individually. However trivial the need for proper packing may seem, it is undeniably a skilled job and imbibes many steps – from choosing the right boxes and packing material, fitting and cushioning the items into the boxes, taping them with a PVC adhesive tape, to labelling and colour coding them.

Imagine forgetting to click pictures of the intricate electrical wirework or leaving the screws of the reassembled furniture behind. You won’t like to see yourself struggling with the assemblage. Will you?

5. Trying to make a DIY move

While there are hundreds of people who seek help from professional removalists in Canberra, there are others who prefer to tackle all the errands on their own. Making it, a DIY, however, encompasses a multitude of risks. Let’s comprehend this by considering the pros first. Doing it yourself means subduing the cost incurred in hiring the removalists or professional cleaning company in Canberra and commanding full control of the process.

On the downside, the expenses involved in getting the damaged property repaired, losing your bond money or tackling a personal injury outweigh these savings. Instead, obtain a comprehensive understanding of the top removal companies in Canberra like Better Removalists Canberra, who customise the package as per your needs.

Always remember that moving doesn’t only mean boxing– you also need to unbox in the new space, and that’s why you need movers who will stand by you, throughout the journey.


Have realistic expectations and stay acquainted with every step on your way for a stress-free move. The most trusted removalists serving all over Canberra for years, Better Removalist Canberra, value your possessions and extend their expert hand to help you relocate in a safe, fast and effective manner.