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09 Apr, 2021

5 Types Of Moving Services: Which One Is Right For You?

Commonly homeowners and tenants planning a move to a new home seek the assistance of professionals. It is wise and practical as before and after moving, you have to complete several tasks within a stipulated time. Taking the help of experienced removalists in Canberra saves you time, effort, energy, and money.

Plus, it is good for your mental and physical health as you stress less and reduce the risk of injuries by lifting/handling heavy boxes. Therefore, it is essential you hire reliable removalists in Canberra and avail the right services. Most reputed removals companies are one-stop destinations offering diverse solutions to meet the requirements of different clients.

Here is a complete guide outlining five types of moving services given by removalists in Canberra to help choose the right one for you.

1. Complete Moving Service

Many removals companies with an extensive network of professional removalists in Canberra and the availability of quality resources can provide full-service moving solutions. They can manage local, interstate, and international moves with ease and offer assistance for the following things.

• Packing of property contents
• Moving truck rental
• Handling, loading, unloading and transportation of packed boxes
• Storage unit requirements

When you avail a complete moving service, it means your hired removalists in Canberra take care of everything from start to finish. The removalists will visit your house for creating an inventory, analysing the packing/moving load, provide a free quote, and manage the entire process after the booking is confirmed.

Who Should Choose This Service?

People who lack the time and energy to manage a complete relocation themselves and have a considerable moving budget can opt for this option. Since the professionals do all the hustle, you can relax and move without any stress or hassle.

2. Partial Moving Services

In case you don’t want everything to be handled by professionals like in a full-service move, you can always avail partial moving services. When getting such services, you have the flexibility to choose the tasks you want to perform and hire professional removalists in Canberra to manage the rest.

For example, you can complete inventory creation and packing at home but take expert assistance to load, unload, and transport the boxes. Alternately, you can hire professionals for packing your property contents, but hire a rental moving truck to take the boxes to the new home yourself.

Here is a list of tasks you can delegate to professional removalists in Canberra, offering partial moving services.

• Loading and unloading of packed boxes
• Inventory creation and packing
• Handling and transportation of your belongings

Who Should Choose These Services?

These services are right for people with a moderate moving budget who want to lessen their burden because they have work or personal commitments. Partial moving services allow you to control certain aspects of your move while the professionals manage some things.

3. Special/Heavy Items Moving Services

Moving contents like antiques, heavy furniture, piano, aquariums, art and other special/bulky items without proper techniques and quality moving equipment is challenging and dangerous. During handling and transportation -these items can suffer damage, or worse you can sustain severe musculoskeletal injuries like fractures, joint displacement, muscle pulls, sprains etc.

There are reliable removalists in Canberra that offer special/heavy items moving services to help people pack and move such things smoothly and safely. Since the professionals have training, skills, and access to high-performance equipment, they can manage the property contents’ movement comfortably and within a stipulated time.

Who Should Choose These Services?

Art collectors, aquatic experts, artists, musicians, and other professionals or people with delicate/valuable/bulky items should consider hiring removalists in Canberra specialising in moving heavy/special contents.

4. Storage and Portable Moving Services

Often people planning a move on short notice have a hard time decluttering and packing all their belongings. For such people, several removals companies in Canberra offer storage and portable moving services. It requires you to rent a storage unit, and your hired removalists shift your belongings to it and deliver them after you have moved.

Alternately, many companies deliver a storage container at your home that you can load, and the removalists will deliver it to your new home on the decided date.

Who Should Choose These Services?

Storage and portable moving solutions are excellent for tenants and people who move frequently and usually have small packing and moving load.

5. Backloading Moving Services

Backloading is a non-traditional but safe option for transporting property contents offered by many reputed removalists in Canberra. It means your packed belongings are loaded on a moving truck that is coming back from another job. The truck can be empty or has space another job’s boxes couldn’t fill.

Removals companies giving long-distance and interstate moving services are most likely to offer backloading services. It is their way of avoiding fuel and space wastage and making money rather than having a moving truck make a trip empty.

Who Should Choose These Services?

Backloading services are among the cheapest moving services and ideal for people with a tight/low moving budget. If you cannot afford a full/partial moving service but want to relocate to another city without depleting your saving, then this option is worth considering.


Moving can be challenging and difficult to manage without the assistance of professional removalists in Canberra. Experts have the training, skills, equipment, and expertise to manage your move entirely or partially. They offer various services as mentioned above to help people move smoothly and comfortably. Thus, you can easily choose which ones are right for you.