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31 Aug, 2020

Where to Donate Furniture & Other Household Items When Moving?

While moving it is wise to declutter your property or downsize to reduce the packing and moving load not just for your hired removalists in Canberra but for yourself as well because it makes moving smoother, economical, and manageable.

But, what to do with the things you don’t want anymore? The ones that are broken, obsolete, or condemned, should be discarded responsibly, whereas things in good and reusable conditions should be donated to the right organisations for helping the community. These organisations take furniture and other household items to provide relief to thousands of people across Canberra and other cities.

Don’t know where to donate furniture and other household items when moving? Here is a complete guide by experts. Have a look!

Make an Inventory

It is essential to make an inventory of items that you wish to donate to keep record and smoothly navigate through the process. Whichever furniture you wish to donate after decluttering or downsizing your property, please make a list stating its name, in which room it is kept, and it is for which charity. Similarly, add to the list the household items that need to be donated. These items can include the following.

• Clothes
• Food and groceries
• Books and magazines
• Electronics, IT devices, gadgets, appliances and white goods (Always ask a charity if they accept white goods because some organisations don’t)
• Utensils, crockery, and other kitchen items

Organisations in Canberra to Consider for Donating

It is good if you have made your mind to donate and it’s even better if you have segregated the furniture and household items to donate. The next step would be to know which charity to give the things to and it can get confusing because there are many.

It is necessary to donate to the right organisations that have a good reputation and are known for their reliability. Here is a list of organisations in Canberra to consider for donating after you have researched about local charities.

St. Vincent de Paul Society

Established about 170 years, this organisation is a reckoned name in Canberra and other cities of Australia. Here you can donate a host of things like furniture, clothes, shoes, toys, books, bric-a-brac, hats, handbags, accessories etc.

Donations can be made during opening hours of their Vinnies shops or by placing items inside the donation bins. Please note, items left outside the bind will be not be picked or considered. In addition, the organisation doesn’t accept baby car seats/prams, Mattresses, electrical items, and damaged/broken things.

The Salvation Army

Another reputed charity organisation in Canberra is The Salvation Army that was founded in 1865. They have family stores across the state and country where donated items are sold and given to generate fund for various centres and facilities they help. It is estimated that the organisation helps 25 million people! Things you can donate here include clothing, appliances, kitchen items, furniture (not particle board ones), and much more.


This organisation works with people in need across Canberra and other parts of Australia by serving as a platform where people who need any item or relief can list them. Here you can donate funds and items. To know if you have the things that people anywhere in Canberra or Australia need then check their platform to see the location, people, the delivery options and much more. Things on the site can be appliances, machines, gadgets, vouchers, furniture, household items, and much more.

How Donating Helps?

Donating is humanitarian and a way to help give to society. When you are moving, it is the best time to take out things for giving because you are already decluttering or downsizing. It helps reduce the number of things to pack, load, and unload for your hired removalists in Canberra. When you reduce your moving load and take things out for donating, you save money as well because most removalists in Canberra charge according to the weight. In addition, you save by not needing extra moving vehicles.

Donation also helps you relieve stress, feel good, and attain a sense of satisfaction. Therefore, for people who are tenants or property owners planning to move to a new home in Canberra soon taking measures and the initiative for donating furniture or other items in your household is excellent and rewarding.

The Bottom Line

Moving is stressful and challenging, but you can feel happy by giving back to society through donating things that are in good condition and useable. What’s more, it is helpful in moving as it reduce your moving load making your move more easier and economical. Thus, if you are inclined please follow this guide to make an inventory of furniture and other household goods, know which organisations to consider, and learn how donating helps.