Top 9 Tricks To A Successful Move This Halloween

Top 9 Tricks To A Successful Move This Halloween

Oct 26, 2023

Even at the best of times, moving to a new place can be challenging. There is no doubt that moving house is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life.

However, when your moving date falls around the Halloween season, it gets even more difficult. While the idea of packing and moving boxes may seem daunting during this time, you can certainly turn it around using the right approach.

Following the wrong procedure can easily turn your move into a nightmare and will stress you out. For a seamless transition to your new house with the help of cheap removalists in Canberra while still having the typical Halloween fun, you must have a well-prepared plan.

Here are the top 9 tricks to a successful move this Halloween. Learn and apply them to ensure you do not face any hurdles during the process.

1.   Plan Early for a Smooth Move

There is no better way to ensure a successful move than by planning and starting as early as possible. Once it is confirmed that you are moving, it is a must to start the preparations.

An extended timeline permits you to carry out each task without rushing. This includes contacting budget removalists in Canberra, comparing quotes, purchasing packing supplies, etc. It will help you stay organised and avoid last-minute issues.

2.   Select the Appropriate Moving Company

If you are starting early, then you have plenty of time to contact the removalists and compare them. Start by researching and obtaining quotes from reputable ones. Remember that the company you choose must be licensed and insured, as that will ensure that your stuff is protected during the transit.

Additionally, read the reviews and ask for recommendations from family and friends. This will help you find a company that is professional and prioritises customer satisfaction.

3.   Carefully Pack your Belongings

Packing all your stuff is one of the most demanding tasks, especially during the Halloween season. But there is a way to do it easily. Initiate the process by decluttering the items from each room and sorting them according to categories.

Once you know the items you are going to move, pack them carefully using adequate materials. Do not forget to label the boxes and mention the contents. This way, you can easily unpack them after reaching the new place.

4.   Handle the Halloween Decorations

Moving during Halloween also means carrying decor items with you, whether you are using the ones from last year or have purchased new ones. Decor items such as carved pumpkins, intricate ornaments and other similar stuff are fragile in nature.

So, make sure to handle them with care. Pack these fragile items in separate boxes and label them. Ensure the boxes have sufficient padding. Following this step will help you maintain the decor items in the best condition and ensure that they are ready to serve you this Halloween.

5.   Notify All the Important Parties

For a smooth and stress-free move, it is essential to inform all the parties about the move, including the utility companies, postal service, etc. This will enable you to transfer the utility services to the new residence and get mail at the new home instead of the old one.

Discuss the necessary paperwork at your workplace and the school of your kids. Follow the change of address checklist to inform all the important parties. If needed, you can celebrate Halloween early with your family, friends and neighbours by letting them know about your move.

6.   Make Packing Fun

If you have friends and neighbours helping with packing the stuff, then it is best to add a bit of fun. Ask them to wear spooky Halloween outfits and costumes. Wear an outfit like that yourself as well.

You can celebrate the occasion even when you are busy packing and labelling your belongings. An approach like this will make the process more enjoyable, bringing the Halloween flavour to the move. This is one of the best ways to celebrate the event early while still getting some work done.

7.   Take Safety Measures

Practising safety holds the utmost importance in every situation. Ensure that your home’s walkways, hallways, and stairwells are bright, especially if you plan to leave for the move in the evening. Proper lighting can help minimise the risks of any accident.

Use proper technique for lifting and moving items and to avoid injuries. Take your time, and do not rush. Practising these safety measures will lead to a smooth and injury-free move.

8.   Have Short Breaks during the Move

Moving is physically demanding even if you have hired expert removalists in Canberra, and that makes it important to maintain your energy levels. For this, taking short breaks is ideal, leading to a more enjoyable move. Consider buying Halloween-themed snacks and consuming them during the breaks.

This includes pumpkin-spiced treats, caramel apples, and other similar snacks. These breaks will not only offer physical relief but will also sprinkle festivity to your move. Just make sure you are following the road rules, especially when driving, regarding things like the usage of mobile phones.

9.   Play Halloween Music

To keep the spirits high during transit, create a Halloween playlist and play it. Music has a noteworthy ability to boost the spirits and enhance the mood. Ensure your collection of music includes spooky tunes, classic Halloween tracks, etc.

Play these tracks to make the atmosphere more energetic and festive. The right ones can instil your move with a fun ambience, leading to a memorable and enjoyable experience for all the family members.

Wrapping Up

Whether you are moving with the help of professional removalists in Canberra or on your own, a procedure must be followed to make it a success during Halloween. Apply the tricks from this article to make your move fun and an experience to remember.