Tips For Downsizing And Decluttering Before A Move

Tips For Downsizing And Decluttering Before A Move

Aug 21, 2023 Making smart decisions is crucial for the success of home relocation. Whether you are moving next to the apartment or across a new city, downsizing is one of the best ways to save time, money and energy. Downsizing a home is one of the most effective ways to minimise the number of household items you no longer need when moving from a large house to a smaller one. The process begins by de-cluttering rooms and finding out what belongings you want to keep, donate, sell and discard. It is good to create a proper plan because downsizing and decluttering can help you choose the right size moving truck, or you can also book expert removalists in Canberra to keep your belongings intact throughout the process. They will come, inspect your belongings and provide you with upfront pricing. Therefore, you should downsize and de-clutter before a move and enjoy the entire relocation journey. Here are some great tips to help you get rid of unwanted items in the most sustainable manner:

1. Create a Proper Plan

There is no denying that moving is a stressful process, and downsizing will make it even more overwhelming. If you don’t want to end up with chaos, create a proper schedule and decide the specific time for downsizing and decluttering. According to experts, it is good to start the process at least 6-7 weeks prior to your move if you have bought a studio apartment under affordable housing scheme in Australia.

2. Categorise Your Items

When downsizing to a smaller abode, you automatically won’t have enough space for all your belongings that you have collected throughout the years. Before you get into the packing process, you should categorise your items and organise the process. For example, put all kitchen supplies together, garage tools, bathroom supplies, clothing, bed linens, etc. This will also help you create  inventory of all your belongings.

3. Sort Your Items into Different Piles

This is an important tip when de-cluttering your home. It is good to sort your items room by room. By doing this, you can save a lot of time and energy. Insect your entire house and sort your items into four different categories:
  • Keep: Items that are useful and you need at a new residence.
  • Donate: Duplicate stuff or unwanted items that are in good condition, such as clothing, kitchen supplies, blankets, etc
  • Sell: Items you no longer need but are in good condition.
  • Toss: Belongings in poor condition or things that can’t be donated or sold.
Make sure you do this before the arrival of removalists Canberra because they need time to load the truck in a safe and sound manner.

4. Downsize Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the key areas of any house. It is good to focus on decluttering this space with the help of your family members. Check all pantries, cabinets, shelves and drawers and get rid of:
  • Broken supplies
  • Unused small appliances
  • Expired foods and jar bottles
  • Broken dishes and other stuff
  • Duplicate items

5. De-clutter Your Bedrooms & The Living Room

Bedrooms usually have the highest numbers of sentimental items that need a balanced approach when de-cluttering. It is good to sort stuff into categories, such as photographs, gifts, expensive art pieces and much more. You can digitize the photographs and keep them alive forever. This is one of the best downsizing hacks. Donating precious items that you no longer need can also give you a sense of relief. It is good to hire professional removalists Canberra to pack and move large antique furniture without causing any damage.

6. Go Digital If Possible

Do you want to reduce paper clutter when moving to a studio apartment? Instead of piling up old bills, receipts and medical prescriptions into a big folder, you can create a digital copy and keep them safe.

7. Organise a Yard Sale

Convert your trash into someone’s treasure by selling out pre-loved household items you no longer need. If you are downsizing household belongings before relocation, organise a garage sale and earn extra dollars. You can sell old furniture, toys, gym tools, clothes, blankets, lawn tools and much more and reduce your moving load.

8. Donate to the Local Charity

This is one of the best things you can do to minimise your unwanted stuff. Check your belongings and donate old furniture, bed linens, duplicate items and other pre-loved items to the local charity in Canberra. Make sure they are in good condition.

9. Make the Most Out of Storage Units

When downsizing your home, make sure you maximise your storage options to keep important items intact. Different storage units are great for belongings that don’t fit in your new house but hold too much value in your heart, such as sentimental stuff and fragile items. You can bring multifunctional furniture pieces, such as platform beds with drawers, storage ottomans, wardrobes, and baskets. You can pack everything as per your needs and save time. Make sure you stay healthy during a house move by keeping yourself hydrated and relaxed. 

Wrapping Up

It is good to give yourself plenty of time when downsizing and de-cluttering items before a move. Think twice and follow these tips to sort your household items for a safe, cost-efficient and effective house move. You can donate items, host a yard sale, and digitize your photos and important papers to reduce the clutter.