Removalists Call-Out Fees Guide For First Time Movers

Removalists Call-Out Fees Guide For First Time Movers

Jun 28, 2023 Relocating large furniture pieces and bulky boxes can be tricky, and thus, people hire highly-trained removalists in Canberra. With their professional assistance, you can pack, load and transport your precious passions safely and efficiently. They bring all the necessary equipment and follow all the safety protocols to keep your fragile and expensive items intact during the house move in ACT. However, if you are moving for the first time, research the removalist’s call-out fees. It is one of the important aspects that should be considered when creating an estimated moving budget. Knowing everything about the call—out fees and clearing all the doubts can help you make a well-informed decision when hiring professionals. Here is a complete guide on removalists’ call-out fees for first-time movers or those confused by this term. Let’s Get Started!

What Does a Call-Out Fee Mean?

Whether you are moving within Canberra or across a new state in Australia, make sure you know about a moving company’s fee structures and pricing policies. When it comes to a call-out fee, it is a set amount that is charged by a company to visit your home or office, usually at short notice or during unusual hours. The call-out fee is on top of service costs and normal labour charges. This means it is considered an extra fee in the cases of out-of-hours jobs. Professionally-trained companies ask you to pay call-out fees to cover the cost of the time that it takes for professional removalists Canberra to come over to your place to inspect your belongings, generate a precise quotation, or carry out their services. In short, you will pay for their time and expertise and will be added as an extra in the final quote. However, it is important to know that not all companies charge a call-out fee. Some even use a reduced cost as a special offer. So, clear all your doubts by asking relevant questions before making the final decision. Important Note: Companies add call-out fees when you hire them for a long-distance move at short notice or with special requirements.

What is the Average Call-Out Fee in Canberra?

Though this type of fee differs from company to company, the average cost can range from $60 to $70. They will charge you the fee depending on different factors, such as:
  • Distance of your move
  • Experience of Removalists
  • Relocation Scale, etc
Be sure the company includes their call-out fee in the final quote. This will give you peace of mind. You can also create an inventory for your house move and achieve peace of mind.

Why does the Call-out Fee Vary From Company to Company?

Most removal companies in Canberra charge the call-out fee to cover their basic operating costs, and travel expects. They may even ask you to pay an extra fee when they come to your place for a pre-move survey or when making round trips during the relocation process. The call-out fees also depend on the moving nature because the company will charge higher fees for a difficult or interstate relocation. The cost may also vary if you have more items to relocate or are moving during peak hours or seasons. That’s why it is important to include this cost when creating your moving budget. Make sure you ask all important questions and understand their fee structure before making the final decision.  This can reduce your stress and help you avoid last-minute chaos.

Important Questions to Ask About Call-out Fee

Most people often overlook the call-out fee and end up paying more at the end of their journey. If you are moving to Canberra for the first time, you must ask these questions and know everything about this type of fee:
  • Do you charge a call-out fee, and how much is the minimum charge?
  • What does this fee cover?
  • Is the removalists call-out fee higher for short-notice relocation?
  • Is there a standard fee that applies to all types of relocations?
  • Do you have in-house movers?
  • Can the call-out fee be negotiated?
This can help you know the house moving cost with ease.

Ask for the Pre-Moving Survey

It is always good to ask for a pre-removals survey to know the exact call-out fee. Professional removalists Canberra will come to your place, inspect everything and provide you with the upfront quotation depending on the size and type of your relocation. You can find out the overall moving cost and save money accordingly. Pre-move surveys can also help you avoid companies that may impose hidden or additional charges on the relocation day. Such companies may avoid from giving the upfront pricing in the written and ask you to pay extra in the middle of the process. Here is a complete guide on different types of moving companies that can help you choose the most suitable one as per your specific needs.

Wrapping UP

Understanding the call-out fees when hiring removalists is crucial for first-time movers. With the help of this guide, you can understand the concept of call-out fees and how companies charge depending on different factors. This will help you make a well-informed decision for a hassle-free moving experience.