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06 Apr, 2020

What Not to Pack When Moving in Canberra: Non-Allowable Items Guide

With a variety of tasks to be completed simultaneously moving to a new home is always challenging. According to expert removalists in Canberra, most people assert that packing is among the most back-breaking moving tasks. It is stressful because people usually get confused about what to pack and what not to pack.

If you are planning to move and facing this dilemma as well, then here is a non-allowable items guide by expert removalists to help you know what not to pack when moving in Canberra. This guide will help you remove things that may be on your inventory list for packing that cannot be moved by professional removalists in Canberra on ethical, safety, and legal grounds.

Firearms and Weapons

Most reputed removalists in Canberra have policies against moving firearms and weapons due to safety and legal reasons. Removal companies have these policies in place because they don’t want to lose their business license and put their employees’ lives at danger. If you have firearms then take legal counsel from a professional to help you know the Firearms Regulation 2008 act and see what the conditions for moving them safely without violating state laws are?


For plant lovers, this may be sad news that certain plant species are not allowed to be moved by the Australian government. If you want to move healthy plants, then state approval is required which you can get by contacting a biosecurity officer, which is usually a long process.

If you have plants with pests or diseases then you cannot move them as it would be against biosecurity laws. Most reputed removalists in Canberra don’t move plants, and if possible it would be wise to gift your leafy possessions to a relative, friend, or neighbour who can take care of them.

Flammable and Hazardous Goods

These goods include propane and other gas cylinders, petrol, diesel, aerosol cans, paints, kerosene, spirits, batteries and other items that have symbols denoting they are flammable or hazardous. It is dangerous to transport these items for several reasons and reputed removalists in Canberra advice against moving them. Therefore, for people who have these goods, it is best to contact their local recycling and waste management organisations to learn how to dispose of items correctly.

Corrosive Items

These are toxic and dangerous products that removalists in Canberra won’t pack or move. Common corrosive items found in households are batteries with acid, bleach, oven cleaners, rust removers, drain cleaners, nitric acid, lye, hydrochloric acid, etc. If you have them, then read the instructions on the labels to know how to dispose of them carefully and responsibly. Don’t try to move these items as if they leak during transit damage to other belongings can happen.


Other non-allowable items for moving by reputed removalists are explosives like gun powder, fuel run electronics, fireworks, chemicals, soda cans etc. Moving items that can explode during handling or transit is dangerous for the removalists and the people nearby. Therefore, it is best not to pack these items when going to a new home. Explosive things are hazardous to move because they can explode anytime & anywhere, resulting in damage to other belongings as well.

What can You Pack and Move?

According to experienced removalists in Canberra, most of the household items that you will need at your new home can be packed and moved. Things that professional can move include furniture, clothes, utensils, electronics, etc. Before booking, always ask for the removalist to provide you with the list of things they cannot move.

Also, before arriving for moving your belongings, the removalists will come for analysis and make an inventory list of things they can handle and transport. There are certain things you can pack and move which the removalists may not be comfortable to relocate. These include wine/alcohol bottles, personal documents, personal goods, photographs, jewellery, antiques etc. You can pack these things and move them in a private vehicle.

Another alternative is to move such things to a storage unit for long-distance relocation and retrieve them when you have settled at your new abode. Storage units are excellent for safely keeping items that will be a hassle to relocate on the moving day. After the shift, you can decide which items you want to take to your new property, give as a gift to someone, donate, or keep in the storage units.


Moving is a mentally and physically tiring activity, and you don’t want to add to the stress by not knowing what to pack and what to leave behind. Therefore, follow this guide by expert removalists in Canberra to learn about non-allowable items to know what not to pack when moving in the capital state of Australia.