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16 Aug, 2021

Moving With Pets: 10 Tips To Keep Pets Calm During The Move

Relocation is one of the most stressful events that you can experience in your life. From sorting and packing your things to hiring professionals and transferring utilities, you have to deal with several tasks simultaneously. During this busy and stressful time, your pets can get overlooked.

As a result, they can experience a lot of stress and anxiety. Therefore, you need to make efforts and keep them calm throughout the process. There are many responsibilities of a pet owner, and one of them is to keep your pet happy and healthy.

That is why the majority of pet owners prefer to hire experienced removalists in Canberra. The experts take care of the packing, loading and transportation of your belongings, allowing you to focus more on your loving pets. Apart from hiring professionals, there are a few more ways that can distract your pet from the stress of moving.

Here are some useful tips to keep your pets calm during the relocation process.

1. Do Not Disturb Their Daily Routine

If you want to keep your pets calm during the move, the first thing you need to do is ensure that you do not disturb their routine. People often get so much involved in their packing process that they overlook the routine of their pet. So make sure that you dog or cat gets the food and water on time. They should also get enough rest as well as exercise.

2. Give Them Lots of Attention

No matter how busy you are in your packing and moving, you must spend a lot of time with your pet. The more time you will spend with your pets, the more relaxed and happy they will be. So, play with your dogs and take them for a walk regularly.

3. Pack Their Essentials in a Separate Box

You should pack a separate bag for your pet that will have essential items. Such things include prescribed medicines, food and water for several days, their favourite toy, bedding, bowls, first aid kit, veterinary records, poop bags, etc. You never know when you will need these things, so pack them separately and keep them with you all the time.

4. Schedule a Meeting with Vet

It is also essential that you meet the vet before the relocation. Use this opportunity to give your pets all the pending vaccination and have a thorough check-up. If your dog has a motion sickness problem, then you can get some valuable advice and medicines from vet to deal with such a problem.

5. Explore the Neighbourhood before Moving

One of the biggest mistakes people make when moving is they do not visit their new home before moving. If you are a pet owner, you must visit the new home with your pet and explore the nearby areas. It will help them to get familiar with the new house and surroundings.

6. Let Your Pet Travel with You

Even if you hire the best removalists in Canberra, they will not move your pet into the truck. So, you must take them to the new house in your vehicle. To carry your cat or small dogs, you can use a pet carrier, while a large size dog can comfortably sit in the back seat. If your pet has travel anxiety, stop your car frequently so they can get a break from the constant movement.

7. Consider a Pet Sitter for Moving Day

Moving day can be very stressful for you and your pet. The chaos of that day can make them very anxious. Therefore, it is important that you keep dog or cat away in a separate room. You should hire a professional pet sitter, so they remain in the room until all the belongings get loaded in the truck.

8. Introduce To the Pet Carrier Early

If you are moving to a different state, then you and your pet, need to go by air. For that, you need to move them in a pet carrier. Purchase a high-quality carrier in advance and introduce it to your dog or cat. The more time they will get to know the carrier, the lesser they will get anxious while travelling in it.

9. Keep Your Pets Away from Packing

If you have hired professionals to pack your things, make sure that your pets remain in a separate room. They can not only distract the professionals but can also feel insecure and anxious. To keep them calm, stay with them for a longer time.

10. Update Your Pet’s Details

If you are moving to Canberra from a different state, then you need to register your dog. It can be beneficial for you in case your pet runs away from the new house. The officials will find your dog and return at the earliest. So, it will protect your dog from a lot of stress and hassles.

The Bottom Line

Moving is already a difficult process! The pressure of keeping your pet happy and calm at every stage of relocation can make things further challenging. You should consider hiring a reliable removals company in Canberra to spend more time with your pet and carry out the relocation smoothly. The aforementioned tips will help you take care of the pet in the chaos of moving, so they will stay relaxed and happy.