Moving To Canberra? All You Need To Know!

Moving To Canberra? All You Need To Know!

Mar 08, 2022

Popular for being the capital of Australia and seat of the Commonwealth Government, Canberra is one of the top cities in the country to live. It has a strong economy, good standard of living, and abundant job/business opportunities. Canberra is an administrative hub with the parliament house, government authority headquarters and social/cultural institutions of historical significance. Living here is unlike anywhere else, which is why many people gravitate towards this city and come to live or visit it often.

If you plan to move to Canberra, be ready to experience the garden city movement in full effect, diverse & welcoming communities and amenities at par with the best capitals in the world. However, before you pack your belongings, book removalists in Canberra and move, get to know everything you must about the city through this guide. Have a look!

Canberra Has A Distinct North & South

The majestic Lake Burley Griffin divides Canberra into North and South. The lake is part of the city’s design and was artificially developed after the damming of the Molonglo River. Although the water body is shallow, and you can easily travel to any part of Canberra within 20-30 minutes, the north and south sides are distinctly different.

Most people prefer to move and continue living on the side they have settled and lived in for years. But, every individual is unique, and you should explore the city as a whole when migrating to avoid preconceived notions clouding your judgement and make an informed decision. Thus, decide which area suits your personality and pocket before you move. Being clear will also help you narrow your search area for housing, book local removalists in Canberra, plan your travel etc.

Explore The Access Canberra Portal

Access Canberra is the Australian Capital Territory Government’s go-to service centre for residents. Via this portal, you can manage important tasks like getting a driver’s license, registering a vehicle, paying a fine, exploring city services and much more. The online platform has web accessibility, and you can log in through your ACT Government Digital Account.

This portal comes in handy when you migrate from another state of Australia and need to get new, renew or transfer essential documents. For example, people with interstate or international driver’s licences can and should get an ACT driver’s licence through Access Canberra.

Buying A House In Canberra Is Expensive

Canberra is among the top capital cities in Australia in terms of house prices and rent. It competes with Sydney and Melbourne with a median house value of $1,031,410 and median house rent of $700 (per week) as of February 2022. The average price for units is still affordable at $602,475, and if you plan to lease an apartment, the median rental value (per week) is $550.

Purchasing a house is a major financial decision, and when you have to move, it adds burden on your monetarily. Therefore, consider renting a unit to settle in the city when moving to Canberra because you have to simultaneously manage various expenses like booking good removalists in Canberra, setting utilities, hiring cleaners, paying rental bonds etc.

Canberra Has Great Public & Private Schools

Finding a reliable and quality place of education for your children is crucial to empower them in the future. Many people with young families prefer Canberra for education because it has good schools with pupils from different communities, ethnicities, religions and cultures. The public school sector comprises of early childhood schools, Koori preschools, primary schools, specialist schools and more.

The ACT also has private education institutions with 19 independent schools and 29 Catholic systemic schools. These private schools abide by the Education Act 2004, requiring them to be provisionally registered to operate as a school and educate children at any level.

The People Are Warm & Welcoming

With more than 400,000 people calling Canberra home, the city has cultural diversity. Since the city is a hub for politics, heritage, culture and history, its people are accustomed to welcoming everyone with open arms. Thus, you can quickly become a part of a community, gel with neighbours, and find mates in education centres or at work. To connect with locals, start by exploring places of interest, tourist attractions, libraries, parks, town centres, and other places.

Best Suburbs In Canberra

Canberra is a planned city with multiple suburbs organised by a hierarchy of districts, towns, group centres, villages and industrial areas. The suburbs are vital for the city’s commercial and social activities as their planning and development is the basis for the city. Additionally, they make the cost of living in Canberra moderate and not too expensive for most people.

When planning a move to Canberra, you should explore the affordability of suburb and proximity to Civic (Canberra’s central business district), good schools, town centres, public transport stations etc. Do your research thoroughly to know which areas are preferred by locals and migrants. Once you decide where to move, book local removalists in Canberra immediately to manage your relocation smoothly.

Here is a list of the best suburbs in Canberra to help you get started.

• Belconnen, 2617
• Throsby, 2914
• Kambah, 2902
• Griffith, 2603
• Hughes, 2605
• Red Hill, 2603
• Campbell, 2612
• Woden, 2606
• Gungahlin, 2912
• Florey, 2615

Transportation & Traffic Are Usually Manageable

Unlike other major cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, Canberra rarely has huge traffic problems. Most people travel here via their own vehicles like cars, bicycles or bikes since the city is planned and reach anywhere takes about 30 minutes.

Canberra also has a sound public transport system comprising of bus and light rail services. You need a MyWay smartcard for ticketing and fare calculations to access these systems. Students, tertiary students, pensioners, interstate seniors and others are eligible for fare concessions. Thus, before you get a MyWay card, check your and your family members’ eligibility for concessions.

Setting Utilities Is Easy

Having electricity, gas, water, and other utilities is important when you and your hired removalists in Canberra arrive at the new home. The good news is that Canberra has multiple reliable utility providers offering affordable plans and easy set-up of services.

You can explore the Energy Made Easy portal to find and compare electricity and gas plans by major providers like EvoEnergy, ActewAGL, EnergyAustralia etc. Since the city has severe winters, you should choose an energy plan that is affordable even in months when house heating is necessary.

For water and sewerage utility, contact Icon Water Limited offers its services across the ACT. Additionally, in Canberra, you will also find a host of reputed companies offering National Broadband Network (NBN) plans for the internet. You can choose to get services from a local company or big brands like OPTUS, Spintel, Tangerine etc.

The Bottom Line

Canberra is among the best cities to live and visit in the world. The city is planned, organised and stable, offering excellent living standards and comfort to its residents. Additionally, the city’s economy, culture, industries, and people benefit from it being the administrative centre of Australia’s Government. Moving to Canberra can transform and improve your life tremendously. Thus, plan your relocation by using the insights shared in this guide and booking local removalists in Canberra to professionally manage every aspect of the move.