Moving Hacks You Didn’t Know Existed

Moving Hacks You Didn’t Know Existed

Feb 08, 2024

Preparing household belongings for a safe and sound move requires a lot of planning and the right strategies. The process can be overwhelming due to multiple reasons. You may encounter challenges when packing your breakable items or large furniture pieces. That’s where exceptional moving hacks come into play.

Some tricks or tips might not be popular but can make your life easier during the home relocation journey. Whether it is about dismantling a a pool table or packing potted plants, you can do anything without causing any damage or muscle strains and sprains.

So, if you are moving home to Canberra, consider these lesser-known moving hacks and stay organised. Make sure you book professional removalists Canberra at least a month prior to your moving day and keep your valuables intact while in transit.

Let’s Get Started!

Seal Drawers With Plastic Wraps

It takes a lot of time and effort to empty drawers and pack them in cardboard boxes. Luckily, this hack can make things super easy for you.

While relocating, you can wrap the plastic sheets over the drawers to keep the items secure.

Make sure the plastic wrap is huge enough to cover and secure the content of your drawers. This unconventional hack will save you a lot of packing and unpacking hours.

Use Pages of Magazines For Wrapping Breakables

There is no denying that newspapers can provide the best packaging for breakable household items, such as lamps, glasses, ceramics, etc.

However, the print of newspapers can easily transfer to your delicate belongings, leading to damage. That’s why many expert Removalists Canberra use quality packing paper or glossy pages of magazines for packing and wrapping items.

These unbleached pages can give coverage and protect your items from any damage or unpleasant stains. You can also try this hack and keep your fragile items intact.

Vacuum Pack Soft Beddings

You need big boxes to pack your bedding and clothes, such as blankets, quilts, pillows, etc. This can take a lot of space in a moving truck as well.

Well, you can follow this lesser-known hack and pack your soft items with ease.

You can pack your large yet soft belongings inside vacuum bags to reduce bulk and save money on moving boxes.

Use a Suitcase For Books

woman packing up a suitcase

There is no denying that a moving box of books is one of the heaviest things to lift when relocating home. If you want to reduce your load, pack and move your books in a suitcase. The best part is that most suitcases have wheels, making it easy to move around.

You can also save your back and money by trying this packing trick for your upcoming move.

Pack Spices and small jars in Saucepans

Jars and tubes of spices in your kitchen are often made of glass. These can easily get damaged if not packed properly. To keep them secure, pack them inside cooking pots, casseroles and saucepans with a lid.

After that, pack your saucepan with packing paper and put it inside cardboard boxes. This hack will help free up space in a box and protecting your fragile items.

Repurpose Toilet Paper Tubes

Cords and wires can get tangled up in the packing bag or boxes during the packing process. So, you can use toilet paper tubes to pack all cables in an organised way. If you are packing other delicate items, delegate some moving tasks to your family and kids.

Pack Clothing on the Hangers

Packing clothes can be time-consuming for many people. You can follow this hack by packing the clothing into garbage bags while still on the hangers. This hack will save your unpacking time and help you settle into a new home in Canberra with ease.

Make the Most of Egg Cartons

Think out of the box and make the most of items you already have in your home. It will help save you a lot of time, money, energy and, of course, the planet.

You can put your jewellery pieces in egg cartons to keep them tangle-free and organised throughout the journey.

Sell Unnecessary Stuff

It is always good to remember that less is more when preparing for a house move. Declutter your home and sell out unwanted household items in a garage sale. This will allow you to make extra dollars while eliminating unwanted items.

Make sure the listed items are in good condition, and you offer heavy discounts to accelerate the process.

Colour Code Your Boxes

Of course, labelling is one of the best ways to keep your boxes organised. However, colour coding each box according to room can make things manageable post-relocation.

Keep Doors Unlocked Using a Rubber Band

Passing bulky boxes and furniture pieces through the doors can be challenging. However, you can secure a rubber band around the doorknobs and save from latching everything you shift boxes. It becomes super easy to open a door with the lower body when your hands are equipped with boxes.

If you have large furniture to relocate, book experienced removalists Canberra for their utmost safety.

Moving hacks that you must know:

best moving hacks that you should know about

Wrapping Up

Moving home is the most stressful and time-consuming process. However, with lesser-known tips and tricks, you can relocate your precious possessions and large boxes in the most organised and safe manner. Make sure you arrange the necessary supplies and follow the hacks properly to enjoy a seamless moving experience.