How To Talk To Your Children About Moving House?

How To Talk To Your Children About Moving House?

Oct 13, 2023

Every significant life decision comes with a lot of anxiety. However, making the decision may not be as difficult as breaking the news to your loved ones. It is even harder if the plan can upset them. One such example is moving to a new residence. You may find it difficult and stressful to let your family members, especially the kids, know about this plan.

To put their minds at ease, it is essential to talk to them correctly. You must ensure that when the removalists in Canberra arrive, kids are ready for the move. They should be prepared to let the professionals handle their items, such as toys.

Additionally, clear communication is the key to preparing them for the new environment. Here is how to talk to your children about moving house. These points will help you carry out this crucial conversation with your kids effectively.

1. Pick the Right Time and Environment

Often, children associate their home with love and safety. Therefore, just the thought of leaving it can easily frighten them. It is a possibility that they may not be ready for the move if you break the news suddenly at an inappropriate time.

They may get frustrated and shocked. So, it is essential to find the right time and environment. You will need to do this even before starting the process or contacting professional removalists in Canberra. An ideal time would be when all the family members sit together and are free of distractions. A relaxed atmosphere will help you ease your way into the conversation.

It will lay the foundation for a promising dialogue. Furthermore, ensure that the family members, especially the children, are well rested.

2. Let your Kids Express their Thoughts

It is ideal to begin the conversation by asking your kids how they feel about the current home and the living situation. Once you have shared your plans for buying a home, permit them to share any concerns, questions or emotions they might be holding.

Allow your kids the space they need to communicate openly. They might be excited, anxious or feel a sense of loss. Whatever it is, just ensure you are actively listening and addressing the issues. More importantly, declare their emotions valid and let them know their feelings are understandable.

3. Explain the Reasons Behind the Move

Firstly, ensure the language and manner you use for explaining is age-appropriate and clearly understandable. Whatever the reason behind the move, ensure you are honest when discussing it. Whether it is due to a job change, a requirement for a better or larger home, or a place with a better culture and lifestyle, confidently reveal it.

Let your kids know that the decision was made after a long and careful consideration. Reassure them that this plan is best for the whole family. Finally, inform them that you always consider their well-being before making any decision.

4. Emphasise the Benefits of the Move

A good conversation will always include a discussion of positive aspects. Similarly, when discussing about the move, let your kids know the upsides. Again, this could be things like a job that offers more compensation and opportunities or a spacious and comfortable home. Furthermore, if the place encompasses exciting new activities, communicate about it.

Allow your children to picture the future and what it holds. Convey in a way that emphasises the aspects your children might be more interested in. It can be a bigger room for them, a bigger park to play in, or a neighbourhood where they can make new friends. Furthermore, remind them that their stuff will be safe during the move with the help of expert removalists in Canberra and their standard transit removal insurance.

5. Let the Kids Participate in the Move

To make them feel involved, allowing your children to participate in the moving process is a good option. It will help them feel a sense of control, which they will like. Permit them to pack and unpack after the move and select colours for their new room. You can also allow them to visit their new school and the neighbourhood.

This way, they can familiarise themselves with the new environment, leading to reduced anxiety and increased excitement. Involve them in the discussion about the new activities and hobbies they can engage in at the new place.

6. Spend Quality Time with Your Kids

Lastly, showing your unshakable support and love throughout the moving period is recommended. Assure your kids that they are not alone during this transition period. Remind them that you will go through this phase together as a family, and you will support and guide them whenever needed.

Tell them your love and support will be constant regardless of location. Try to make time for family dinners, adventures and other similar activities. Due to the extra time you spend with them, they will feel secure and effectively deal with house-moving stress.

Wrapping Up

There is no doubt that moving is a stressful experience for you as well as for your kids. While expert removalists in Canberra may help you with a few tasks, there are certain things that you need to do yourself. One of them is talking to your kids and letting them know about the news. Follow the tips from this article to ensure the conversation goes well.