How to Stage Your Home for a Quick Sale When Moving?

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How to Stage Your Home for a Quick Sale When Moving?

Sep 11, 2020

What is home staging? It is the process of enhancing the look of a home to present its most impressive and visually appealing assets for a quick sale. If you are moving to a new house and planning to sell the existing one, then you have to clean and prepare it for potential buyers. Since impressing buyers is not an easy thing, you need to take care of various things while staging your home along with your packing chore.

To reduce the moving stress while preparing your house for sale, you should contact the best removalists in Canberra as they can assist you in packing and transiting precious possessions without causing any damage.

This will help you focus on other important tasks such as fixing property repairs, cleaning the entire property, managing other stuff with ease. Below is the list of some great home staging tips that can help you get the best price by selling your home quickly when moving.

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How to Stage Your Home?

When it comes to selling the old house before moving, then staging can be an ideal way to attract potential buyers. However, you require a lot of time, proper planning, useful tips and a bit of effort to focus on improving key areas of your home. It can make a huge difference in your home selling journey.

Always remember that the entryway and exterior area of your home plays a key role because it leaves the first impression on the potential buyer. But, this doesn’t mean you forget the living room, bathrooms, the master bedroom, kitchen and other areas of your abode. The following tips and techniques can help you concentrate on every corner of your house in the most affordable manner.

1. Thorough Cleaning is Important

First of all, clean the entire house from top to bottom to make it look more appealing. This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to present your house in front of potential buyers. No one wants to buy a house if the walls are full of nasty stains or kitchen appliances with food splatters. That’s why it is important to clean every nook and cranny of your house before selling it to get the best value.

If you don’t have time due to moving chores, you can hire professional cleaners in Canberra who can assist you and transform the grimy property into a sparkling beauty.

2. Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

Clutter not only distracts buyers from your home’s key features but also make it look smaller. It seems like your home doesn’t have enough space.  So, the best thing is de-cluttering your house by getting rid of unwanted stuff. Since most of the belongings will be packed for the home relocation, some can be donated or tossed away to make your home look spacious.

3. De-personalise your Home

The main objective of home staging is to assist prospective buyers in visualising the home as their own. De-personalising space is one of the best ways if you want to present your home for a quick sale. Remove stuff that reflects your personality or preferences is a good start while staging your home for a sale.

It is good to remove personal photos from your walls, shelves and other areas. Also, keep your bathroom and bedrooms away from personal belongings, like toothbrushes, shaving kit, clothes, etc. Put away all toys and other personal items to help people better connect with the home.

Tip: Hire professional Canberra Removalists ahead of time for safe and sound packing of your precious possessions. They will pack all the items that you need to take along with you.

4. Fix the Damages

This is the best time to repair minor damages around your home before you present it to the buyer. First, remove all scuffs from your walls using a magic eraser. Wall painting can be an ideal way to make your walls look new again. Whether there is a leaking tap or clogged water issue, broken door or windows, you should fix it as soon as possible. Hire an affordable handyman in Canberra who can help you in fixing small property damages before beginning the home selling procedure.

5. Get Rid of Bad Odours

Make your home smell fresh by removing all the unpleasant odour. If you have small kids and pets at home, there is a good chance that you can encounter some bad smell. You can either use store-bought room fresheners or prepare a homemade one by baking cinnamon-coated applies or burning lemon-scented candles.

6. Lighting is Important

It is good to use natural light by opening all your blinds and curtains when showing your living space. Also, add additional lighting wherever necessary to make your home look visually appealing. This is one of the important aspects that can help you ensure a quick sale when moving.

7. Enhance The Look of Your Home’s Exterior

Believe it or not! The exterior area of your home will leave the first impression on your prospective buyer. Be sure your lawns, trees, bushes and hedges are mowed well.

It is good to remove any weed and remove green rubbish. You can add flower boxes to enhance the look of your lawn.


Instead of spending entire money on staging your home, act wisely and creatively use the time. If you want to enhance the key features of your home for a quick sale when moving, then follow these tips carefully. You can hire trained Removalists in Canberra if you don’t have enough time for packing and moving your possessions. They will take care of your belongings and transit them without causing any damage.