How To Pack & Move Large Antique Furniture?

How To Pack & Move Large Antique Furniture?

Nov 09, 2021 Every house has at least one or more pieces of antique furniture that are family heirlooms handed down from generations and hold great sentimental value. Additionally, you can have vintage furniture to add aesthetic appeal to your home and have something of timeless beauty. When moving house, these items are challenging to shift as they are more delicate and often bulky. Hiring professional removalists in Canberra is a practical solution to have your furniture packed and delivered to the new residence. Professional removalists have the equipment, expertise and experience to manage antique furniture removal without hassle or furniture toppling. However, if you want to pack and move large antique furniture yourself, here are expert tips to make the process smooth and keep the items in good condition.

Arrange The Right Packing Supplies

Protecting the furniture is the main goal of packing, which is why you need to get the right supplies. When you avail of a professional furniture removal service in Canberra, the removalists bring the necessary packing material. Listed below are things you will need to wrap and protect large antique furniture in your home before moving. • Moving blankets • Furniture pads • Plastic-stretch wrap • Acid-free foam or bubble wraps • Packing tape

Rent/Buy Moving Tools

With large antique furniture, the risk of toppling is high, and you can get injured while moving it. Therefore, you need to use moving tools to prevent injuries and manage the movement of bulky items without hassle. Professional removalists in Canberra also use equipment and tools to shift and load furniture on the moving truck without damaging the items. For a DIY furniture move, you require the following tools. • Furniture sliders with straps • Moving dolly or a hand truck • Harnesses and straps

Prepare For The Move

Make sure the pathways are clear, and there are no plants, boxes, toys, and other household items obstructing your movement when you take the furniture out. Additionally, take the following measures to move antique furniture smoothly. • Measures the items and the doorways to ensure everything can pass through. This step is crucial, especially if you live in an apartment. • Disassemble furniture and pack, then label each piece correctly to reduce the moving load for yourself or your hire removalists in Canberra if you are DIY packing. • Keep children and pets in a room out of harm’s way while handling, packing and moving furniture. Take this measure even if you have booked professional removalists in Canberra to pack and move the antique furniture in your home.

Pack Heavy Items Securely

While packing large and bulky antique furniture: • Cover them with moving blankets completely. • Wrap bubble or foam wrap around the edges to avoid damage to the item or walls and doors. • Next, cover the entire furniture with plastic-stretch wrap and secure it with packing tape. • If you have dissembled a piece of furniture, don’t forget to keep the parts in a single box after securing the parts and labelling the box accurately.

Use The Right Techniques

While packing and moving antique furniture, you need to use the proper techniques; otherwise, you can damage items or injure yourself. Here are some things you should know. • Be cautious while lifting heavy furniture. Prefer to use sliders to shift them from one place to another. • While moving chairs, cabinets, and other manageable furniture, lift it with your legs and keep your back straight. • Don’t handle bulky items alone. Get someone to help lift or slide the furniture from the front or bottom. • Tilt furniture to the side to handle it better. Additionally, hold tall furniture horizontally to move it quickly.

Environment Affects Furniture

Excessive heat, humidity, dust and other environmental elements can damage antique furniture when moving. Direct and harsh sunlight can also fade such furniture and weaken their structural integrity. Usually, antique furniture have organic materials like leather, fabric and wood that are sensitive and need care to maintain them. Therefore, while packing and transporting old wooden items, ensure they are not exposed to moisture, heat, rain, etc. Additionally, avoid moving when it is raining heavily, it’s too hot/cold, or a storm is about to arrive. Check the weather forecast before deciding on a moving day and booking professional removalists in Canberra.

Rent A Storage Unit

People moving at short notice should consider renting a storage unit to safely and securely keep their antique furniture. Moving furniture is a challenging task, and without adequate time, it becomes a serious issue. Therefore, you can keep furniture and other household items in one place with a storage unit and reduce your packing and moving load. After settling in the new home, you can gradually move the antique furniture or decide to donate or resell it if there is no space or requirement.


Packing and moving large antique furniture is among the hardest tasks you need to manage during relocation. Since vintage furniture often requires more care and attention. You can reduce stress by hiring professional removalists in Canberra for handling and transporting your furniture and other household items. However, if you plan to do it yourself, follow the tips shared above to pack and move bulky antique furniture.