How To Pack Fragile Items For A Safe Move?

How To Pack Fragile Items For A Safe Move?

Apr 06, 2023 Every house has its share of fragile items, which are a challenge to wrap and box during a house move. These are easily broken or damaged things because they are made with materials that are brittle, bendable or quickly scratched. Therefore, the worry of maintaining their structural integrity while packing and moving can give your sleepless nights. You can elevate moving stress by reducing the number of fragile items and taking the assistance of professional removalists in Canberra to move them. Additionally, learn how to pack fragile items for a safe move because you want to avoid the fate of your delicate belongings after transit and handling being uncertain. Thus, look at the tips below to achieve this task expertly.

Identify Fragile Items in Your Home

Things that can break or sustain damage fast need more attention and care while packing. You may have to use special packing materials or multiple protective layering packing. Therefore, knowing which items are fragile and will need attention helps you save time and reduce stress. It also lets you know how many packing supplies you will need.

Invest in Good Quality Packing Materials

The quality of packing materials determines the protection of fragile items, and you should ensure it is the best for these items. Get 4-5 ply corrugated moving boxes (small and medium) to store delicate items and protect them during jostling in the moving vehicle, bumps against walls, scrapes from doorways/hallways and more. Additionally, you will need the following things.
  • Bubble and foam wraps to cushion delicate items
  • Newspaper to fill space in boxes and also to wrap items with glass. You can also use packing paper to prevent marks that newspaper ink can leave.
  • Extra strength packing tape to secure the boxes and wraps. It should also have fragile or delicate written on it.
  • Plastic shrink wrap
  • Flat-pack moving boxes for picture frames, detachable shelves, panels and more.
  • Styrofoam cell dividers for glassware, ceramics, and other delicate items for interior home design.
  • Blank and red labels. You will also need ones with fragile written on them.

Wrap Everything Correctly

Before you place delicate things in moving boxes, you must wrap them correctly with paper and bubble wrap. You will need to cover some things with foam wrap and tape these wraps. Here are some tips that will come in handy if you don’t take the help of professional removalists in Canberra.
  • Place the packing paper or newspaper on the floor and lay plates, picture frames, mirrors, glass panes and other items front side towards the paper and secure it at the back.
  • Frame the paper to the shape of the cups, glasses, mugs, bowls, and other hollow items.
  • Cover large, fragile items with blankets or towels at home or get moving blankets.
  • Next, cushion the items by wrapping them well with bubble wrap.
  • Ensure you wrap things with shrink wrap to ensure all the layers remain in place.

Box Wrapped Items & Label Them

Boxing fragile items accurately is key to preventing damage, in addition to labelling the boxes correctly for identification by your hired removalists in Canberra.
  • Put heavier items at the bottom of the boxes.
  • You have to stack items from big to small.
  • Secure the bottom of the boxes with packing tape before placing items inside.
  • Line boxes with plastic bags if you are moving during the rainy season.
  • On the label of the boxes, mention the item room and item details. Also, mention instructions such as open first and loading on the truck last to start unpacking correctly after your move.
  • Place cell dividers in the boxes securely to ensure your things don’t wobble.
  • Also, fill empty spaces in the boxes with newspaper or packing peanuts (optional).
  • Don’t overload moving boxes because it will increase the chances of items breaking.

Hire Professionals for Packing Valuable Delicate Items

If you have an expensive collection of crockery, antiques, fragile furniture and other valuables you don’t have the confidence to pack well, delegate the task to professional removalists in Canberra. You can easily find removal companies offering services for moving large antique furniture, artwork, heirlooms, vintage items and other things that require delicate handling. Hiring professional removalists is also beneficial for moving fragile items and belongings when you are moving at short notice and don’t have the time to pack your belongings carefully. The professionals will come to your home to survey the items and create an inventory to provide an accurate moving quote. Once you have the quote, you can compare them with quotes from other removalists in Canberra to find the most affordable service and save money.

Wrapping Up

Packing fragile items is challenging for most people, which is why they take professional assistance. However, it isn’t impossible, and if you have ample time and the right packing supplies, you can wrap and box fragile items like a professional. Thus, if you are up for the task, use this guide to know how to pack delicate things for a safe and smooth move.