How To Create An Inventory For Your House Move

How To Create An Inventory For Your House Move

May 04, 2023 You can feel overwhelmed and stressed during a house move because there is so much to do within a stipulated time. Therefore, you must streamline your work and plan everything well. Besides making a tight budget and creating a moving checklist, you must make an inventory for your house move to know what you need to pack, where it is in your current home and keep track of these things upon arrival at your new home. If you hire professional removalists in Canberra, they will perform a pre-move survey to assess the moving scale and inventory things. Based on this information, they provide the quote and prepare for packing and moving your belongings. In case you are only taking assistance from removalists for moving your things, use this guide to understand what is a house moving inventory and how to create an inventory of your belongings like an expert. Have a look.  

What is a House Moving Inventory?

Simply put, a house inventory is a list with details of everything you own in your home. You can make a straightforward list with only the names of things, their location and category. Alternatively, you can make a detailed list mentioning the room, packing status, category, etc. Aim to make your inventory a comprehensive breakdown of your personal and household items. This list can also help you evaluate the entire value of your possessions as you can write down the original and current value of each belonging. However, most people only note the value of expensive items like furniture, electronics, artifacts, antique furniture, art, etc. Note: hire professional removalists in Canberra if packing, creating an inventory and moving your things is too much of a hassle. Good removalists have a proper system for inventory and use it to manage moves in an organised manner.

How To Make A Good Inventory For Your House Move?

Creating an inventory is not rocket science, but it can still be daunting when doing it for the first time. Thus, here are tips to help make a comprehensive and good inventory for moving house.

Choose Your Platform

Some people are comfortable making the list on a piece of paper or journal. Some people like using MS Excel or other great software to create lists and data entry. You can also use inventory-making applications on your phone, laptop or tablet. Some popular inventory-making applications include Sortly, encircle, mystuff2 pro, inventory manager etc.

Make A Room-By-Room Inventory

Start by noting the things in the most important rooms, like the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Do this after you have first decluttered each room to only create an inventory of things you want to take to your new home. Going room by room help organise your move and prevents missing things you would in case you do it all together.

Document Your Belongings

In addition to writing the items and their details in the list, take pictures and videos of things to keep track of what you must pack and move. During documentation, take pictures and videos of electronics and furniture to reassemble them correctly upon arrival at your new home. This step also helps document things at the end of a tenancy for a quick move. You must also print pictures of things to attach to the list, which is also a great reference for your hire removalists in Canberra. They can know what something looks like and its location. If you can write the measurements of the things on the printed pictures, it helps get the right packing materials and plan their movement according to their size and weight.

Hire Professional Removalists

If you are moving for the first time or house moves are extremely stressful, not seeking professional assistance is a huge mistake. Start by looking for reputed removalists nearby and ask them about their inventory process. Schedule a pre-move survey after decluttering and downsizing to make the process easier for the removalists. It also eliminates the chances of confusion. Once the inventory is complete and the survey is done, the removalists can share a realistic quote. The inventory is also necessary for insurance purposes, as most removalists offer basic liability coverage based on the property contents’ weight. If you have better insurance, this list is more valuable to assess the current value of your things and get reimbursement in case of damage or loss of items.

Wrapping Up

Making an inventory during a house move is one of the best ways to organise the entire process. It helps streamline your move and keep track of your belongings before, during and after your move. Therefore, use the tips above to understand what an inventory is and how to make it. If you cannot make it, don’t hesitate to hire professionals.