7 Useful Tips For Unpacking After Your House Removals

7 Useful Tips For Unpacking After Your House Removals

Mar 27, 2023

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While relocating to a new place is exciting, it can also be nerve-wracking to sit and unpack your boxes after a big move. To make this process easier, you can hire full-service removalists Canberra, who, along with packing and loading your items, will also help you unpack them in your new rental property.

However, if you are unpacking on your own, you must plan your move, start unpacking essential items first, and slowly move from room to room.

You can read about more such expert unpacking tips below: 

7 Useful Tips For Unpacking After Your House Removals 

1. Unload Your Boxes And Double-Check If Everything Has Arrived

You must start by preparing your inventory list and counting all your boxes as you unload them off your moving truck. If you are moving with removalists in Canberra, you must check the boxes as they unload them to see that they are all there.

You should also check the box’s contents to see if any items are damaged so you can claim contents insurance immediately and take photos of the item for safety.

2. Unpack Your Cleaning Tools And Tidy Up Your New Place

Next, you should find the box where you placed your cleaning essentials and unpack these tools so you can tidy up your new place. It is always best to do this a few days before your move when your home is empty, but if you skipped this step earlier, you could spruce up your home before unpacking your boxes.

Dust the cabinets and shelves, sweep the floors and mop the areas properly to ensure your home is spotless and you won’t have to reclean it after a tiring day of unpacking.

3. Place Your Moving Boxes In The Designated Rooms

Next, you must ask your professional removalists Canberra to place your boxes in the assigned rooms. Labelling and colour-coding your boxes before moving will be a big help when placing them in the correct room as these boxes will already have a room assigned on their labels.

If not, open the boxes, check the items, and then place them in the room accordingly. For instance, place kids’ toys in their bedrooms, kitchen utensils in the kitchen, toiletries in the bathroom and so on.

4. Create A Spot For Your Furniture And Heavy Items

Now, you must move all your heavy pieces of furniture, like your beds, couches and tables and find spots for them in your new place. If you have already created a floor layout for your new home, you can easily place your furniture items without any trouble.

But if you are still figuring out where to place things, find the right spot for them and have your expert removalists Canberra unload them using moving dollies and ramps. Ensure no boxes are lying around when moving these items, which could result in tripping hazards and serious accidents.


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5. Start Unpacking Your Essentials Box First

Once you have placed your bulky furniture and moved your boxes to their designated rooms, you can start unpacking your essentials box. When moving homes in Canberra, keeping a bag of essential items like a change of clothing, medication, toiletries, snacks, water, utensils, chargers, and important documents is essential. These items will help you survive the first few days in your new rental home, so you do not have to unpack all your boxes at once.

6. Plan Your Timeline To Unpack Each Room

Now that you have unpacked the essentials box, you can start opening up your other boxes. Create a timeline of which room you will pack when, and give yourself at least ten days to unpack your whole place.

Start by going from the most important room, like the kitchen and unpack the important items first and leave non-essential items till later. Here are some professional tips on how to unpack each room in your new place slowly:

  • Start by unpacking the kitchen items you need, like your utensils, plates, spoons, cups, and cookers and place these in an area within your reach.
  • Next, unpack each zone, like the cooking and cleaning zones, and start filling out the cupboards and shelves.
  • Once the kitchen is done, place the toiletries on your bathroom shelves and cupboards and set up your shower curtain and towels.
  • Next, place your bedding and pillows and fill your shelves and drawers with your clothing and essential items.

You can leave the rest of the items in these rooms till the next day and slowly unpack your non-essential boxes room by room.


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7. Get Professional Movers To Help You Unpack Your Home

If you are too overwhelmed to unpack your new place, you can ask your Canberra professional removalists to help you. These experts are well-trained in lifting and unloading items in the assigned rooms and will skillfully unpack your boxes in a few hours.

This will also give you more time to enjoy this move to Canberra and explore your new town and neighbourhood. 


Thus, if you create a timeline for your unpacking and slowly unpack each room, you will be able to enjoy this process more and have a stress-free unpacking. Once you have unpacked all your boxes, you can explore the beautiful city of Canberra and the various attractions and sights here.