5 Smart Ways For A House Move

5 Smart Ways For A House Move

Sep 28, 2022

Did you know that over 10,920 people moved to Canberra from overseas in 2018? These record numbers are because more and more people are discovering the beauty of this Australian capital that lies between Sydney and Melbourne.

You can enjoy plenty of sunshine and four distinct seasons in Canberra. It also has one of the lowest unemployment rates of 4.4%, so it is an ideal place for those looking to get a good job in Australia. If you are planning either a local move or a cross-country move to Canberra, you can go about it in various ways.

If you like moving independently, you can opt for a DIY move. On the other hand, if you feel too burdened and stressed while moving homes, you can hire professional removalists in Canberra to help you out. Here are five different ways you can start your moving process and begin your journey in scenic Canberra:

1. Hire A Moving Container

If this is the first time you are moving homes, you might have a lot of belongings to shift. In such cases, it is better to hire a moving container to have enough space to store all your items.

How It Works

How this works is that you hire a moving container, and the moving company delivers it to your home. You can then load your items or hire labour to help you load them onto the container.

When you are ready, the company will move the container to your new home, and you can unload it at your ease. This is also a great option when you need to keep your items in storage till you organise your new place.


The most significant advantage is that these containers are affordable, and you can backload and only pay for the space your items take on the unit.

2. Get A Moving Truck

If you like planning and organising things on your own and want a DIY move, then your best option is to hire a moving truck in Canberra.

How It Works

There will be many options for moving trucks, so do some proper research and find the one that suits your move best. You can then rent the truck of your choice and pack and load all your items onto it. Once you have loaded all your items, you will transport this load to your new home and unload them. Once you have moved everything, you can return the truck.


A moving truck can be cost-effective as you do everything independently. However, the distance of your move, the season you are moving and the moving truck company will affect your costs.

3. Use A Full-Service Removalist Service

When you are moving homes, you also have a lot of other tasks like changing your address, fixing utilities and finding sitters for your kids and pets. If you are pressed for time and don’t have the energy to pack and load your items, you can hire a full-service removalist company in Canberra.

How It Works

In this process, the removalist service in Canberra will handle everything, from packing your items to loading and unloading your items. These experts will also disassemble and assemble your furniture, making it easy to move.

They will also unpack your items in your new home if you need more time with your other moving tasks. This is the best move if you have less time to move and a flexible budget.


The best advantage is that your entire move will be taken care of and you can relax in your new home.

Tip: Make sure the removalist service in Canberra inspects your property and offers you an estimated quote. You must also check their licenses and registrations, as well as their insurance coverage details before you start the process.

4. Opt For A Freight Trailer

If you are moving across the country and have many items, you should hire a freight trailer.

How It Works

Like a moving container, the freight trailer company will park the trailer outside your home, and you can load all the items. However, in this process, you are given a period within which you have to load your items.

You can load all your items, and then the company will move them to your new home. The freight company will again give you time to unload the items before returning the trailer.


It is an excellent way to move when you are moving across the country, as you have a lot of space and time to move your items.

5. Get Your Belongings Shipped

If you don’t have a vehicle or have fewer items to move, you can get your items shipped to your new home.

How It Works

You can mail your items like mattresses, boxes etc., or hire a specialist to move your items. This is good when you have a short distance to cover as it will be less expensive and less stressful than doing it on your own or hiring a professional removalists Canberra for help.


This move will save you time when you have to move fewer items across short distances.


Moving homes in Canberra is not easy, but depending on whether it is a local or cross-country move and how many items you have, you can choose from the above five options. You can also check your budget and choose one that suits you and your goals to enjoy a beautiful move to Canberra.