5 Major Differences Between Good and Bad Removalists in Canberra
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5 Major Differences Between Good and Bad Removalists in Canberra

Sep 04, 2017 Nobody wants to be a part of a bad moving company while relocating their house. Since moving a house is one of the biggest responsibilities, make sure you engage in deep research work to get the most out of it. Whether you are making a residential move or a commercial move, choosing a reliable, experienced and quality removalists in Canberra is essential for ensuring a peace of mind. It is always important to know the major difference between good and bad removalists available in the moving industry. You should be aware of all the key things that will help you make a wise decision. There are many moving companies in Canberra that have not gotten the memo –stay away from such companies. Apart from this, do a bit research, ask for their company profile, read their testimonials, and contact their previous clients to explore more about them. To make your selection process easier, we will share the five major differences between “good” and “bad” moving company in Canberra.

1. Experience

This is one of the most basic differences between a good and bad moving company. A reliable moving company has a great experience in packing and shifting the precious and heavy household items to the new destination. Good companies like Better Removalists Canberra, have a team of experienced and dedicated experts who will come to your place and pack your entire house safely. They know how to manage a move and make sure that everything reaches the new location, without any damage. While the bad moving companies don’t have that much of experience and thus collapse in the middle of the moving process. Even, they lack in finding the experienced staff that can offer a safe and stress-free move. Tip: Make sure you hire a moving company that has 8 to 10 years of experience to have a hassle free move.

2. Packing and moving techniques

Good removalists usually have right and time-saving techniques to pack and move your household belongings. They strive on using the best packing techniques to ensure that everything transit to your new house safely. With the use of packing supplies, the moving team organise everything from packing dining table to your sofa, expensive wardrobe to delicate crockery with extra care. On the other hand, hiring a bad or inexperienced moving firm could leave you in a stressful situation. They may not come to your place with a moving checklist or don’t have an appropriate packing technique. Since such companies don’t have much moving experience, they could fall short when it comes to rendering quality services.

3. Code of Conduct

The trusted moving agency follows a strict code of conduct and standard while providing their packing and moving services to their potential clients. They ensure that their customers get the best service without any damage or compromise. While the bad companies don’t follow any strict code of conduct and they might leave you in the middle of your move if anything goes wrong. That is the reason why it is essential to hire a reliable and professional moving company for a house move.

4. Licensing

While searching for the best moving company, make sure you check their current licensing. Good removalists have a commercial license while the interstate companies have a licensure number from the Australian Department of Transportation. Even, if your shortlisted moving company is claiming that they have proper licensing, you can take one step forward to valid whether the documents are correct or not. This will prevent you from choosing a bad moving partner for your upcoming move.

5. Insurance or damage-free guarantee

Choose a moving company that can either give you insurance cover against the damage of your items or offer you a 100 % damage-free guarantee. The guarantee of the protection of household items is one of the major differences between a good and a bad moving company. A professional removalist always ensures the safety of your precious household items until they reach the final destination. If you are planning for a reliable and stress-free house move, hire Better Removalists Canberra. They are one of leading moving companies in Canberra. Plus, they have all the qualities that you are looking for a potential moving agency.


No matter how far you are relocating your house, taking the right decision in terms of a good moving company is very imperative for a safe and pleasant move. In order to choose the best removalists, make sure you know the difference between a good and a bad moving company. The blog post will light upon the key differences between these two categories of companies and help you make the right decision quickly and easily.