5 Best Shortcuts to Get Your House Ready for a Move
mother and two children carrying packing boxes out of the house

5 Best Shortcuts to Get Your House Ready for a Move

Apr 23, 2018 Relocation is a process that demands a lot of time and energy to get all the things done until you have moved to your new house. People have busy schedules and important commitments, due to which it gets difficult to gather a significant amount of time to manage everything. There are so many jobs involved that you need help from all quarters to have a smooth and uneventful move. Impeccable organisation and smart packing are some efficient ways to make your move easy and smooth. Fortunately, you can get rid of most of the complexities by taking the assistance of experienced and cheap removalists in Canberra. They will make your move so easy and fast that you will not feel the burden and stress. With the help of expert removalists, you will get ample amount of time to take care of your family and enjoy the new location, instead of worrying about the packing and loading. Following are 5 best shortcuts to get your house ready for a move with minimum efforts:

1. Declutter

Get rid of as much stuff as you can. The more things you get rid of, the less you have to pack and move, hence decluttering is the best shortcut to get things done in a lesser amount of time. Be careful while you pack your belongings. Sort out on the basis of the useful and useless things, so that you take only what you need and leave the rest unwanted stuff. This will save a lot of time and money. Sell or Donate- Keep all the unnecessary things at a different place and keep aside the things that you wish to sell or donate. Hold a garage sale to sell all the possessions you don’t need anymore. Or you can also give it to charity in Canberra if you don’t have enough time to sell out those things. Getting rid of useless litter will not only cut down the cost of the removalist but also give you peace that you don’t have to pack so many things.

2. Hire a Removalist

There are many tasks that you need to take care of during the process of the move, and seeking the assistance of a removalist becomes necessary when you want to save time. Do your research and get in touch with the best removalist like Better Removalists Canberra. They will not only pack and load your stuff, but it will also reduce a lot of stress that relocation involves. They are experts in packing, loading and unloading and they know how to handle everything when you already have less time. You will be free to focus on other things which need to be done other than packing everything. Whether you are moving locally or shifting across the new city, make sure you take assistance from them. From packing fragile items using packing paper and bubble wrap to lifting heavy furniture using the most advanced moving equipment, you will get the highest quality of service without the stress of any damage. All you need to do is to choose the moving date wisely and prepare things before the final day.

3. Pack Smartly

Packing is the toughest part of moving, but if you think and act wisely, you can make it less time consuming and less tiring. See some tips here on how you can pack efficiently: Do not pack heavy items in one box- There will be a problem in carrying those heavy boxes that are stuffed with multiple things, and you will end up breaking them. You will have to pack items again, and this will slow down your process of moving. Label all the boxes- The last thing you would want to do once you reach your new house is to open every other box to check what is in there and where to put them. It will make unpacking very exhausting and will waste a lot of your time. Hence, label all the boxes. Take photos as references- While you pack, make sure that you take photos for references to your electronic setups or anything that you may face issues while arranging in your new home. While in a hurry, you can forget a lot of things and the fastest way to remember everything is to take photos before you leave. The photos that you take will be a proof in case any of your stuff gets misplaced during relocation.

4. Get Your House Professionally Cleaned

It is imperative to get your house thoroughly cleaned before you relocate to a new place. If you are leaving a rented property, it becomes essential so that you don’t risk losing your bond money. When you don’t have enough time for cleaning your house, it’s better that you take the assistance of professional bond cleaning company in Canberra and leave everything on them. Property owners and landlords inspect the house carefully to see if it is in its previous condition or not, and you can assure it by taking extra care of the property and hiring professional, reliable cleaners for that. Make sure you do proper research and shortlist at least five best companies depending on your specific cleaning needs and estimated budget. Opt for the most suitable one who can take care of your rental premises and return it in a pristine condition before the final inspection by your landlord.

5. Documentation

The foremost thing you should take care of is to collect and organise all the records and important documents that you will need after the relocation. It is advised to prepare the necessary documents ahead of time. Make sure that you collect all your personal documents, property related and financial documents, medical records and school records etc. and get done with all the required moving paperwork. Sort out your documents, put them in separate folders and label them properly. Also, keep your essential documents with you all the time. Also, call on the utility companies and inform them of your moving date as soon as possible. It is better to keep utilities working for one week extra so that the cleaners and removalists don’t find it difficult to perform their respective jobs. It will be beneficial if you get all the utilities fixed before you reach your new house so that you don’t have to face any inconvenience or you may not need to call out for maintenance.


Relocating brings along a lot of tasks that are tiring and time taking. It’s better to plan accordingly and work towards it positively. However, the best way to get things done without much hassle it to hire Better Removalists Canberra for the moving jobs. They have so much experience in moving people across Canberra that you won’t feel the need of doing everything in a hurry.